5 Effortless Tips To Finding Your Beauty Style

5 Effortless Tips To Finding Your Beauty Style

Can you explain your beauty style? Are you polished and professional? Elegant and effortless? Elegant? Fashion forward? In the heart of a bohemian? Glamor queen? We can all agree that our formative teenage years and early 20s are a time for beauty experimentation. When I want to look at my old photos on Facebook, I always ask myself, what was I thinking?

Finding your beauty style means discovering what's attractive about you and showing that side to the world. It's about highlighting the qualities that make you special, honing your sense of personal style, and putting energy into what works. When you look great, you feel great too! Here are some helpful tips to get you started right away.

1. Playing your best features

Think about your favorite features, maybe you have gorgeous deep set brown eyes, Maybe you have elegant collarbones, Maybe you have sunset hair that flows down your back. Whatever it is, don't be afraid to play it! When you're shopping for cosmetics or skin care products, choosing your hairstyle, and choosing which lipstick colors to wear, think about how you can make your favorite features stand out. The change you make can be minimal, like using eyeliner to reveal your beautiful almond-shaped eyes or ditching your baseball caps to show off your high, attractive forehead. On the other hand, don't get too carried away with it, even though it will be obvious that you are trying to hide something. Instead, focus on features you're proud of.

2. The eyes have it!

Your eyes are an important element to think about when planning your day, after all everyone you talk to will have the opportunity to get a close look at them. Keeping your eyes looking great starts with a good night's sleep, but there are a few things you should do in the morning to make sure they look bright and attractive: Moisturize the area around your eyes. Use an eye cream to moisturize the eyelids, under the eyes and in the creases near the temples. You can also use a moisturizer every night before bed. Keep your eyebrows groomed. Use tweezers to shape your brows, or go to the salon to get them waxed or threaded. This will bring out the best in your eye shape. Take care of dark circles by applying cold cucumber slices or tea bags for 5 minutes. Use eye makeup if you want. Eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara work together to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

3. Experiment with different styles.

It's very easy to stay in your comfort zone and stick with what works, but in reality, the best discoveries happen during experimentation. You can start by doing a few things: Try that red lipstick that has taken a monumental place in your makeup collection, wear a blonde wig just because you can, add a pop to your eye makeup with a colorful eyeliner. pencil on the lower lash line, break out of the "black shoes", "black handbag" mold and buy pink pumps and pair them with regular dresses in your wardrobe. You might just find your signature beauty style!

4. Find the style icon.

It can really help to have good examples of the type of people who wear makeup, clothes and hairstyles that you like. For example, many of my followers on Instagram and YouTube find my makeup, personal style and skin care results fascinating. As such, I am constantly inundated with questions about what products I wear or use, where my outfits are from, and some even wonder what fragrance I am currently wearing. Is there a celebrity or other public figure whose style you find particularly attractive? Once you have a few people in mind, pay attention to how all their beauty comes together. What colors and fabrics do they tend to rely on? How is their makeup and clothing cut usually done? What accessories do they wear most often? Once you are clear, you can start incorporating similar pieces into your wardrobe and trying them on yourself. Style blogs are full of pictures of people trying on different outfits, in fact Instagram has made the job so easy, inspiration is now only available after logging in!

5. Take care of your skin

No matter what you're wearing, if your skin looks dull and dry, you're not showing your best self to the world. Create a skin care routine that will keep you looking fresh, healthy and alive from head to toe. This will mean different things to different people, but there are some general approaches that make sense for everyone: Wash your skin without using harsh detergents. Use a mild soap that encourages your skin to retain moisture, helping it look healthy. Exfoliate several times a week. Use a dry brush or body scrub to remove dead skin cells. Moisturize your skin with lotion, cream or oil to keep it supple and soft. Use shimmer or glow oils to up the ante and enhance the glow.

I no longer struggle with curling irons to get the biggest beachy wave that's obviously too heavy when I'm looking for my petite figure, nor do I fool myself into thinking that a cropped eye look with glitter and more gradient colors suits me. Because the journey we take to our signature beauty style is different for everyone, and it can be a result of trying to save time in the morning, wanting to play a favorite feature or play another one, or just being authentically you. Regardless, it's worth stepping out of your comfort zone and changing things up around you to achieve your personal beauty style.

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