How can I apply saffron to your skin?

How can I apply saffron to your skin?

Add a few bottles of saffron to the water and soak for 5-10 minutes. Then add this liquid to milk, honey and turmeric to make different types of face masks. Apply to skin for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with cold water. It's a little dry.  Activities that may reduce your light

  • Body lotion

 Many people have a habit of reaching for a bottle of cosmetics  when the face cream runs out. Or, assuming that all skin care products have the same purpose and function, you usually put the product on a shelf and use it everywhere. .. But that's not the case.  Cosmetics are thick and oily. They are made for your body, and it also smells so good that it smells so good. When using body lotion as a face cream, it can cause rashes  and allergies, which can make the skin look greasy. Always use a soft and fragrant face cream.  Check out the best list of body lotions and moisturizers-here

  • Sugar

 Sugar is often used as a home remedy for glowing skin on various scrubs such as the lips and the whole body. However, this is best avoided as the sugar particles tend to explode larger and the tears get smaller.

  • Hot water

 Hot water is not recommended for cleaning hair as it can increase hair loss and dry the scalp. Similarly, hot water is not good for the skin as it reduces natural moisture and can  cause burns. You can use lukewarm water or face lotion to open  pores and increase the light.

  • Toothpick

 Some people use toothpaste to close small pieces or remove acne when peeling, but toothpaste can exacerbate acne and cause allergies, reducing productivity.

  • Soap

 We have all been cleansing our faces with soap for some time. The idea is like applying a body lotion, all skin care products are the same!

 If you cleanse your face just to soften and remove excess oil from your face, the soap will harden and remove the natural oils from your skin. Soap works on the whole body, but only sticks to face wash!

  • Baking powder

 Another skin swelling to get rid of the rash commonly used by young people is the use of baking soda. However, keep in mind that baking soda can remove the  pH balance needed to keep the skin safe from bacteria and bacteria. Baking soda is alkaline and skin care professionals do not recommend using baking soda on the face  at all. Daily homework to give you some very necessary light

 Some simple activities at home can be amazingly successful and raise the level of your skin.

  • Sleepy

 The main task is to help you achieve its perfect look so that you can sleep normally and comfortably. I can't sleep much these days. Restless sleep and  a few hours of it can have a negative effect on your skin. When you sleep, your cells can release toxins produced during the day. This will allow you to wake up with refreshing, dreamy skin. Sleep experts recommend taking 7-8 hours of sleep daily to improve brain function and  health.

  • Play sports on a regular basis

 After all, regular daily exercise can greatly help improve the condition of your skin. It is important to help you stay healthy, strengthen your heart's health and blood circulation, and maintain a healthy body. Remember that your skin is the largest and healthiest organism in your body. These features will help you take  care of them!

 Both of these natural remedies are beneficial  together. Simply pair some of them, remove the attachment and apply  to your skin. Instead of accessing dangerous creams that promise good soil and skin like white papers, wash your home and grab all those natural ingredients. So what solution are you trying today!

 Q1 Can turmeric have side effects on my skin?

 Answer: Yes, this may be the case for some people. Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric has been used worldwide and for centuries for a variety of skin problems. Adhesive or concentrated raw turmeric  is widely used in all Indian homes to treat common illnesses such as abscesses, burns, scratches, blisters, eczema, herpes, insect bites and wounds. However, some people with  sensitive skin may have allergies and redness such as inflammation, cracks in the skin, burning sensation, pain and itching. To avoid this, we recommend doing a small patch test on the back of your hand. 

Q2. What should I put on my skin if I get sunburned?

Answer: Of all the above home remedies, aloe is very effective in combating light sunburn. Aloe Vera contains 19 of the 20 essential amino acids that help soften strong skin cells. It continuously improves collagen production, maintains elasticity and dryness, and prevents  skin exfoliation and exfoliation that often occur after sunburn. Aloe Vera helps to soothe inflamed skin after sunburn while moisturizing. To treat sunburn at home, you can use aloe Vera extracted from the leaves of the plant at home or  buy 100% aloe Vera at the pharmacy. Talk to your dermatologist about the extreme heat of the sun.

Q3 What foods should I follow for fair skin?

 Answer: One of the best ways to get radiant skin is to eat a healthy diet. What you need for this:

  • Eat 5 fruits and vegetables daily
  • Get plenty of vitamin C foods such as papaya, oranges, kiwis, strawberries, broccoli, guavas, sweet potatoes, and green berries to get antioxidants.
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