• Introduction

    FaceFresh is a company founded in 2007 as a Beauty and cosmetics company. The main focus of our work is to provide a useful and high quality skin care product that enhances the appearance and feel of our clients' skin.

    At FaceFresh we proudly keep up-to-date with changing consumer trends and active ingredient announcements, so our product range becomes a great solution for our customers. Focusing on product development is best achieved by investing wisely in Research and Development. This allows for the development of a wide range of high quality products and has been tried, tested and certified ingredient to achieve the best results, for our customers worldwide.

    The company came into existence as a result of a variety of features and activities and the thinking of many different people to become what is now considered the most famous and award-winning Face of the Year - Face Fresh.

  • Our Mission

    We believe the suggestions are customer-directed and have value for our customers. That’s why we invest a large portion of our revenue in identifying the need of our customers, and work daily with reputable dermatologists, to create a product range, which best satisfies our customers.