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Face Fresh

Face Fresh Beauty Serum 10 ML

Face Fresh Beauty Serum 10 ML

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  • Face:
  • Apply on entire face, leaving out eye area, for an all-over brightening effect.

  • Dark Spots:
  • Apply directly on dark spots for targeted brightening and lightening.

  • Neck and Chest:
  • Apply on neck and chest for an overall brighter and more even skin tone.


    1. Brightens skin complexion 

    It helps reduce melanin production.

    1. Enhances skin's natural glow 

    By boosting antioxidants, it promotes healthy skin.

    1. Improves skin texture 

    It promotes skin's natural collagen production.

    How to use

  • Cleanse face thoroughly before application.
    1. Apply a small amount of the serum evenly onto face and massage gently.
    2. Allow absorption into skin before applying moisturizer.

    Shipping & Return Policy

    Products are returnable within 2 working days. if products seems used then there will be no return. Product shouldn't be open or damage

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